Where in the World is Landshark’s?

We are outfitters for active people. It says so on the sign outside our front door.  This means we know that you – our customers – like to get down and dirty. You go on adventures. You climb mountains. You wander about Europe sipping beers and staying in hostels. You travel by bike, plane, kayak, sailboat, and unicycle, and you tend have an affinity for snazzy retro German cars.

where in the world

In this post, we’d like to raise a toast to our traveling Sharks. Recently, we asked those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter to submit pictures of yourselves rocking our gear abroad, and we were flattered to discover Landshark’s is being repped all around the world. Here’s a sneak peak into some of our favorite Shark-clad adventures:

Skydive Chicago #1

Landshark’s Ambassador Corey took his Saugatuck tech tee on a free fall through the stratosphere.


Rockstar Shark Melissa meandered through Catalina State Park in Tuscon, Arizona wearing head-to-toe Landshark’s gear: a Shark Logo Tee, Kuhl pants, Keen hiking boots, and a Patagonia backpack.


Here’s Sarah, looking very ladylike in Venice, Italy. She’s wearing a Patagonia Bandha Top, a Patagonia Vitalti Skirt, and a pair of Chaco Z2s.


Staff Alumna Whitney bundled up in Shark Gear on her expedition to the “End of the World” in Patagonia, Southern Chile. 

941171_10153012971455492_986440359_nSupershark Steve posed with some friendly fries in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  “I’m wearing a Patagonia shirt, jacket and Stand Up Pants, and I would’ve had on Smartwool socks, ExOfficio underwear and most likely Keen shoes, all from #Landshark’s!” he claims.


No, that’s not snow…. Miss Sue went sand-surfing at the ‪‎Gypsum Dunes at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico! She wore her Patagonia Ultralight Down Jacket and a pair of Keen boots.


In this pic, Mr. Keith is on his way up the 19,340 foot climb that is Mt. Kilimanjaro on the Lemosho Route from Forest Camp to Shira 1 Camp. He is wearing a Patagonia Capilene 1 Silkweight Crew and he is lovin’ life, if you couldn’t tell.


Someone caught everyone’s favorite Mamma Shark gazing out over the Dutch West Indies. She’s wearing Keen Waimea flips, a Patagonia Lithia Dress, and Maui Jim sunglasses. Looking good, Casey!


Jean McAlister DenHerder stood on top of the world in Norway, wearing her Patagonia Ultralight Down Jacket from Landshark’s.


Finally, we have a shot of our Big Kahuna in Groding, Austria back in 1995. He has a Patagonia lightweight pullover, Ex-Officio convertible pants, a Patagonia logo cap, and a Lonely Planet map.

Pretty cool, right? This is why we try so hard to make sure the stuff we carry is durable as well as fashionable. We sell things that you can get a little (or a lot) dirty. We love brands like Keen, Kuhl, Chaco, Smartwool, and Patagonia because they’re sturdy AND stylish, just like you!

We want to hear about all your expeditions, so if you have stories or pictures to share please send them our way (you can post them on Facebook, email them to lindsay@saugatucklandsharks.com, or tweet @shoptheshark). Here’s to your adventures, near and far… may they be safe and may you feel the Landshark’s love wherever you go!  

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Sharks Shop Local

As you may have noticed, Landsharks is BIG on the buy local movement.

ImageWe love to stand on our soapbox, using facebook and twitter to urge you to keep your cash in the community. Thanks to local first, there are dozens of charts we could share to prove how making it rain in your hometown is beneficial for everyone involved… but you folks are smart! You get that shopping locally leads to a more sustainable and self-sufficent community. So instead of trying to tell you what to do, we’d like to talk about the effort we’re putting toward practicing what we preach. Here are a few of the Michigan-made brands we carry

The Mitten State – Grand Rapids, MI

the mitten state

The Mitten State is one of our newest brands, and their tees sell like CRAZY. The company is dedicated to “celebrating everything that makes our home state an awesome place to live or have lived. ” A portion of the proceeds for their tees is donated to charities like the Conductive Learning Center, the Food Bank Council of Michigan, and the Michigan Humane Society.

Proper – Kalamazoo, MI


The Sharks have been sporting PROPER shirts ever since we first heard about JD Brink and his mission to leave the world better than he found it. We love the way he spreads his motto through “education & entertainment, creativity & fine arts, mass & social media, fashion & cultural trending.” For more about JD and his awesome tees, check out our previous blog post on the Proper Movement or visit the Proper Possible website.

Ambrose – Holland, MI


We could go on and on about Ambrose, an after-school art program that “invites guest artists, designers and students to make tees based on workshops in order to contribute to Holland’s community, creativity and commerce”  (we already have a whole blog entry dedicated to the operation… click here to check it out). Ambrose tees are works of art, to say the least! What’s even cooler is that their proceeds are cycled back into the program to keep the art school running.

My Great Lake – Holland, MI

my great lake

Yet another brilliant brand already featured in our blog, My Great Lake was launched a little over a year ago by a group of college students who wanted to spend their lives enjoying the beauty of their home state. Their shirts can be found in retailers all around the Great Lakes region now, but we’re proud to say we we were among the first to rock the Great Lake Michigan tees.

Michigan Awesome – Holland, MI

michigan awesome

Another newbie, Michigan Awesome produces witty shirts like our “smitten with the mitten” and “home is where the hand is”  tees. The brand is a self-proclaimed “celebration of hometown love disguised as a t-shirt company”. We think the Michigan Awesome shirts we currently carry are pretty cute and clever, but you can be the judge if you visit their website.

Superieur Brand – Muskegon, MI


The Superieur Brand facebook bio really says it all: “Superieur Brand came about because my vision of a great t-shirt was lacking in the marketplace,” it reads. While owner Todd Truman goes on to say “Naw, actually I’m kinda strapped for cash,” we think his State Fair, Pine Knob, and Michigan Working Class shirts are pretty damn inspired.

Patagonia Footwear – Rockford, MI


We love Patagonia. We always have, and we always will. Their mission statement is to “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis,” and we think that is flat-out amazing. While the Patagonia headquarters is located in beautiful Ventura California, their footwear is manufactured right down the road at Wolverine. 

Merrell Footwear – Rockford, MI

merrell-banner-couple We’ve been a loyal Merrell shoe carrier for years, and with good reason. The company is dedicated to providing high tech, innovative outdoor wear to adventurous customers who like to take the scenic route. Their footwear also comes to us from Wolverine.

Cushe Footwear – Rockford, MI


Cushe was conceived by a group independently thinking footwear designers and enthusiasts. While the unique, dynamic, and inspired designs of Cushe kicks are thought up in the UK, the shoes themselves are manufactured at Wolverine along with the kick-ass shoes Patagonia and Merrell Footwear provide.

If you’d like to check out our Michigan brands or hear more about our commitment to local products, stop by the store (306 Butler Street, Saugatuck MI) or give us a call (269-857-8831). We love to talk about this stuff and we especially appreciate your business. 

Cheers to the Great Lake State!

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The Father’s Day Five


Frankly, we’ve all given a few too many ties, Sports Illustrated subscriptions, and bottles of Old Spice cologne to the men in our lives. Our dads, granddads, husbands, and sugar daddies are worth more than the average George Forman grill or Amazon gift card, don’t you agree? As a small family business, Landsharks understands how important it is to spoil our loved ones from time to time. So, we’ve stocked up on FIVE one-of-a-kind gifts that are sure to have your man feeling like The Man this Father’s Day. 

#1: The Eno Hammock


Whether the father in your life is a backpacker or a backyard lounger, these lightweight hammocks are sure to sweep him off his feet. They weigh about a pound, take less than a minute to put up, and support up to 400 lbs. Check out our last blog post for more eno info. and a little hammock history.

SingleNest Hammock: $59.95
DoubleNest Hammmock: $69.95
SlapStrap: $19.95
SlapStrap Pro: $24.95 
Twilights: $19.95

#2: The Team Loyalty Tee


If you are looking for a unique vintage t-shirt for your in-house sports fan, check out these great Red Jacket Tees.  ‘Tis this season to batter up for dad’s team!

Cardinals Legend: $42
Blackhawks Legend: $42
Tigers Reversal: $42
Click here to shop more Red Jacket Apparel.

#3: The Ultimate Wallet


For the sophisticated hipster dads, check out these great wallets from J. Fold and Studio Manhattan. We have a little something for cash slinging ballers or a minimalist ID & credit card only carriers alike!

Roadster Slimfold by JFold: $60
Superglaze Slimfold by JFold: $56
Cuba Credit Card Holder by Studio Manhattan: $16 

#4: The Cap-Popping Flip Flop 


With a built-in bottle opener in the sole of each shoe, the Reef Leather Fanning takes the phrase “kick back and relax” to a whole new level. This gift is a no-brainer for beer loving dads.

Reef Leather Fanning: $58
Budweiser: available in the Landshark’s breakroom
Click here to buy a pair from our online store.

#5: The “Treat-Yo-Self” Card


Got an old man who is impossible to shop for? Let him do the work… you know he’s bound to to enjoy himself!

Shark Cards: load him up with as little 
or as much $$$ as you want
Click here to purchase a gift card online now!

Like what you see? Stop by the store or we’ll ship for free if you give us a call (269-857-8831).

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!!!

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Hammocks: Rockin’ America Since the 1501

hammock-final-fo-realIn 1999, brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster gave up their day jobs and decided to make a living off the concept of “just hangin’ out.” They piled into a van and left Florida for the east coast, stopping at music festivals and community gatherings along the way to sell hammocks. This may sound like a risky business endeavor, but trust us… the Pinholster boys really knew what they were doing. Hammocks have been in high demand in America for years, decades, centuries even. Check it out:


Amerigo Vespucci awakened a sleeping America represented by a person on a hammock in this engraving by Theodor Galle  (“The Discovery of America,” 1630)


Soldiers used hammocks to catch some shut-eye during the civil war.


Victorian women brought a little class to the sack by taking their afternoon tea in hammocks in this painting by Irving Ramsay Wiles (American artist, 1861–1948)


Hammocks were a major hit with the swingin’ flapper crowd


A World War II Sailor just chillin’ in a hammock in this bit of Rockwell Americana

Hippies love hammocks, but that's no surprise

Hippies love hammocks, but that’s no surprise

Here's Homer Simpson, enjoying a donut in a hammock with some creepy crows

Here’s Homer Simpson in his hammock, just enjoying a donut 


James “JimBo” Broe is our Hammock Man.  Here is in his ENO, chillin’ under Saugatuck High’s football stadium with some friends. 

The hammocks Peter and Paul started selling where like none any hippie, flapper, or soldier had ever seen. Their durability could support an entire army (well, up to 400 lbs, anyway), their comfort would have caused many a Victorian lady to faint, and the ease of their setup would have knocked the paint-splattered socks off Norman Rockwell (they take two minutes tops to assemble!).

Within a few years, the Pinholsters had a thriving business on their hands. Their two-man+van operation had grown into what is now know as Eagles Nest Outfitters Incorporated. Now, ENO hammocks can be found hanging between creatures, trees, boats, lamp posts, and buildings throughout the world. Go ahead and check out their rockin’ website if you don’t believe us!  

A few years ago, Peter and Paul Pinholster permanently set up camp in Asheville, NC. Don’t worry, though… Landsharks recently raided their van. We would love to set you up in your own hammock and hear about ENO adventures, so please, stop by the store! Currently, we’re carrying the SingleNest Hammock ($59.95), the DoubleNest Hammmock ($69.95), the SlapStrap ($19.95), and the SlapStrap Pro ($24.95), and ENO Twilights ($19.95). Stop by the store and we’ll have you hanging low in a matter of minutes!


Landsharks ambassador Corey Kandow enjoying his ENO on Isle Royale


An ENO enthusiast putting his Twilights to the test


JimBo the Hammock Man trying to give blogger Lindsay Timmerman a heart attack

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Landsharks is NOT your friend!


It’s over. We are no longer friends. It’s not that we don’t love you anymore, it’s just better this way.

Okay, enough creepiness. Here’s the deal – Facebook considers it a violation of terms to treat a business as an individual. When we created our account in October of 2008, Facebook required users to have a personal account before creating a business page. Since we had neither, we created Saugatuck Landsharks as a person, as well as Landsharks as a page. Last week the “man behind the curtain” at FB headquarters changed our person to a business, therefore you “like” us now, but we are no longer friends.

breakup 4

Not to worry though, we’ll still be posting cool pictures, giving great gear away, and keeping you posted on upcoming sales and events. As a “liker” you’ll still see our feed. Every month we will give a $25.00 gift card to a shark fan (either on Facebook, a follower of this blog, or an email subscriber). And, get this, we are feeling very loving at the moment. The first 10 people to like this post on our Facebook page will get a $10.00 gift card. How is that for sharing the love?

In addition to Facebook and this blog, we maintain accounts on Twitter and Instagram. If you aren’t already a follower, please check us out on the both platforms @shoptheshark .

Thank you for 23 years of support. We are fortunate to have such passionate friends, fans, and Landsharks employees. We look forward to continue reaching out to you through social media. Yes, we still love you, even if we aren’t friends anymore.


Our rockstar staff of 2012 will be back this summer to keep you looking good.

To those of you who have used Facebook in the past to send personal messages to Lindsay Timmerman (our social media director) and me, please hit us up on our personal pages. A David Lokker page is in the works.

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To a Proper New Year

 What does it mean to be proper?

Props to our Proper Brands "Leave it better than you found it..." -Proper

Props to our Proper Brands:
“Leave it better than you found it…”

“We can’t force a definition on anyone. That would be improper,” says JD Brink, who launched The Proper Possible Movement just over a year ago. The nonprofit operates on a single rule: “leave it better than you found it.” Over the last several months, JD and his team have been spreading that message far and wide, holding workshops at schools throughout the state, hosting events at local pubs and breweries, and selling their apparel at retailers like ours. The goal is to “popularize proper behavior,” JD says. Basically, the folks at Proper just want to treat the right thing to do like it’s the cool thing to do. They make it easy to get involved!

We’ve been thinking about the meaning of “proper” a lot this season, and what better time to ponder how to leave the world “better than you found it” than the New Year? We decided to ask our Facebook friends to come up with Proper Resolutions for 2013 (offering a $25 gift card to the most Proper Shopper). Here are a few of the responses we’ve received…we hope you’ll feel inspired!

“Random acts of kindness. Often.” -Renee


Props to our Proper Brands:
“Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”
–Patagonia’s Mission Statement

“Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.” -Alyssa

“Flush the toilet twice before I exit the bathroom.” –Anonymous

“Share your gifts, time and talents without expecting anything in return.” -Casey

“Acknowledge all as equal.” -Julie

“Win the $25 Gift Card and just happen to “lose” it outside of a homeless shelter’s front door.” -Lesa

“I’m hoping that leaving the world better than I found it will have much to do with my 6 & 3yr old sons and the way we’re striving to raise them.” -Jennifer

“To be proper is all of the above, but it is also important to be Properly Attired, as in wearing proper shoes, outer wear and clothing such as one can find at Landsharks of Saugatuck.” -Janet


Props to our Proper Brands:
“One for One”
-Every time you buy a pair of Toms, a pair is donated to a child in need. So proper!

The winner of the Proper Shopper Award is Chris, who says:

“I read a book from the 60’s or 70’s titled “Hey Beatnick” (if you google it there is a free pdf copy online). It reassured some of the inclinations I had for years about society gone awry, and how to get it back on track. If we all live a proper life, using the Golden rule of “Do unto others”, the world would be a much happier, healthier, safer place to live. Thanks for the reminder, Landshark’s!” 

We’re impressed! He revived the Golden Rule, suggested reading material, brought back the Beatniks, AND expressed unnecessary gratitude. Thank YOU Chris (and ya’ll should check out the book…it’s really good)!


Props to our Proper Brands:
Located in Holland, MI; “The mission of Ambrose is to develop sustainable spaces where mentoring communities can build creative confidence and competence in youth.” We’re proud to carry their tee shirts and excited to learn they’ve started a partnership with Proper!

It would be terribly improper of us to tell you what to do, but we hope you’ll join us as we strive for a Proper New Year. Here at Landshark’s, we aim to “leave it better than we found it” by shopping local, providing stellar customer service, enjoying each other’s company, and carrying products made by brands who care. We hope you’ll stop by and you should totally check out The Proper Possible Movement Facebook page as well. Here’s to living by the Golden Rule… now go celebrate! 2013 is here!

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There’s No Place Like Landshark’s for the Holidays!

Hey, Shark Shoppers. This is Lindsay, home for the holidays and here to bring you tidings of great joy from Landshark’s!

What kind of holiday magic. you ask? This week only, all men's and women's apparel is marked 30% off, select shoes are marked $25-$50 off, and Smartwool socks are by 3 get 1 free!

What kind of holiday magic. you ask? This week only, all men’s and women’s apparel is marked 30% off, select shoes are marked $25-$50 off, and Smartwool socks are by 3 get 1 free!

I like to believe I’m not the only one out there doing the Santa Scramble this year. Christmas is only a couple days away, and I’ve just barely started thinking about how I’ll stuff the stockings of those I love. Luckily, I work at the most amazing outfitter in all of West Michigan.  I’ll have plenty of parcels to place under the tree by the time I hit the road! I hope you can keep a secret, because I’m about to give you a sneak peak at the surprises my friends and family have in store. If you still have some shopping left to do,  feel free to stop by and borrow an idea or two! We love working holiday magic with our loyal customers.



For Mom: If anyone deserves an amazing pair of Miz Mooz ($200.00), it’s my mom (I know my dad is going to be jealous that I found such a perfect gift for her). When paired with a colorful paisley scarf by Vivante ($24.00), these Kelsey Boots will work with just about everything in her wardrobe. Plus, I know she will be comfortable wearing them to the office all day long.


For Dad: My dad gets a little stir-crazy if he can’t get outdoors in the wintertime, and he needs the right gear to keep him going out there in the cold. I’m getting him a pair of Outdoor Research Storm Tracker gloves ($34.50) to keep his hands nice and toasty through all his snowy endeavors. As for the Bamboo Bottle ($25.00), well, I know he’ll appreciate how sleek and eco-friendly it is (and I just love that it carries our awesome Landshark’s logo!).

For the Baby Brother: With a pair of tri-grey classic Toms ($38.00) for the classroom and a woolen woodpecker hat ($24.00) to flap around in at recess, I’m pretty sure my little brother will the classiest dude to pass through the second grade so far. How cool is it that when I buy him Toms, another pair is sent to a needy child? I can’t wait to tell him about how the whole “One for One” deal works.

photo-4For the Best Friend:  Things get pretty dreary at college in the wintertime, and when the sun isn’t shining, accessories can seriously help brighten the mood. These whimsy Smartwool socks ($26.95) will ensure that my best friend is warm as she walks from class to class. The Joy Susan purse ($38.00) will hold all her campus necessities. Perhaps just as importantly, both will keep her looking incredibly cute.


For the Boyfriend: Next week I’ll be telling you a little bit about the Proper Possible Movement, but for now it should suffice to say that when my guy wears this tee ($25.00) he’ll be looking great and supporting the “greater good.” I think the Better Jacket ($179.00) is what really makes the outfit, though… leave it to Patagonia to create the perfect combo of comfy and cool!


For Me(!!!): I thought I’d throw this out there, just in case anyone is looking for ideas. I’ve been lusting over the Luii Leather-Trimmed Jacket ($75.00) since the day I got back from school. The coat comes with the belt and goes great with our Vivante Bordello scarf ($29.00). I might not get to rock it, but someone should! Trust me, the lucky lady who gets to unwrap this jacket will be feeling very blessed this year.


Happy Holidays, everybody! I hope you’ll stop by and let us help you spread the Christmas cheer. May your days be merry and bright, and may you all have made the “Nice” list this year!

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Fearless and Well-Dressed Sharks

Heading into the holiday season we’d love to share some of our favorite things at Landshark’s. Now, we may not  have the celebrity star power of Oprah, but we are positive the peeps on your “Nice” list will appreciate these great goods.

Jenna, sizing up her greatest fear (spiders) in the lightweight, fashionable, and ultra-warm Lole Chilly Jacket

Meet Jenna Westveld, the most confident and out-going high school student we’ve had the pleasure of employing. Her three top picks for the 16-30 year old woman on your list are Classic Canvas TOMS ($44.00), the Ski-Town Beanie from Smartwool ($40.00), and the Lole Chilly Jacket ($220.00). Being an extremely popular junior, Jenna chose the Lole Chilly Jacket because she was looking for a durable, water & drama resistant jacket. And…..get this…. you can stuff it into its zippered self-storage pocket to use for a pillow!

You may have met Eva Gulotty at the store already, but I bet you didn’t know these fun facts about our kind, intelligent, and talented new rockstar:

“How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains”
-Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite
“How much you wanna bet I can throw this rock over the Kalamazoo River”
-Eva Gulotty

  • she became one of the youngest members of the ACLU at age 6!
  • Eva can complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in under 2 hours, with or without the help of whiskey
  • She learned how to walk silently from American Indians at the Chippewa Nature Center Summer Camp, a skill which helped launch her career in theatre
  • Eva’s favorite cocktail is Jamison & Ginger ale, also known as a Presbyterian …because it is a watered down Catholic

Ms. Gulotty’s fall favorites include Sorel’s Joan of Arctic Premium boots ($190.00), which she claims are warm enough to duck hunt in and sophisticated enough to wear to a show at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts. Eva is also a fan of the down scarf equipped with hand warmer pockets from our friends at NAU ($65.00). A must for every techie and frequent texter, check out the Sensor Gloves from Outdoor Research which allow you to text and use all of your iPhone apps without removing your gloves ($69.00)! The Grace Jacket from Prana allows Eva a full range of motion for snowball fights, break-dancing, and jigsaw puzzling ($135.00).

We’re proud to support Michigan’s famed designer Aaron Draplin, with this Draplin Design Company tee. The Caterpillar Haverhill boots from the Legendary Raw Collection are luxurious, and well-made by Wolverine Worldwide, another West Michigan company!

What does yours truly think are the best men’s items at the Shark? Hands down, the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn is the MixMaster from Merrell ($109). Look at the serious air I am getting in the picture! Try that with your 15lb Doc Martens.

I really love the Prana Redford Sweater ($149.00). The collar can be worn down, as show, or popped up if you need to join a fraternity in a hurry. The Draplin Design T-Shirt ($22.00) can be found in exactly one shop in the U.S., how is that for exclusive? Finishing out my torso, I have to pick the Outdoor Research Transcendent jacket ($180.00). This lightweight 650 fill down jacket is toasty and slightly longer than the other down jackets on the market.

I’m not sure if I am sexy enough to pull off the Caterpillar Haverhill boots ($140.00), but I am sure our young professionals from Chicago, Birmingham, and Grand Rapids will appreciate them.

The Patagonia Better Jacket and Merrell Felt Solo Origins were vital in Magic Marc overcoming his fear of heights. Look at him now!

“Magic Marc” (the new nickname is a result of his show-stopping performance at the recent Saugatuck Area Business Association fashion show) names the Patagonia Better Jacket ($179.00) as his favorite fall jacket at the shark. He loves the multiple pockets for stashing personal items. The stand-up collar provides warmth and sophistication. “The length is ideal for kiddie slide at the park” Magic Mark recently told GQ.

Marc’s favorite fall shoes are also from Merrell – our favorite local shoe company . The Felt Solo Origins ($130.00) feature a waterproof upper, old school laces, and partially recycled footbeds and outsoles. He’s worn this shoe out to dinner, raking leaves, moving boxes, and even slacklining (see photo).

Dirk puts his gear to the test, just ask the Steelhead on the Kalamazoo River! DAZ names these three items – along with his fishing rod – as must-haves for Michigan winters:

Movember mustache not included.

  • The OR Transfer Hoody ($140.00). “I can ski, fish, test microbrews, play hopscotch, and use the Transfer Jacket as rainwear. It might be my best friend….”
  • The NAU down scarf ($65.00). “This toasty scarf has pockets deep enough for my hands or my favorite lures. I can wear it on the river or on a date with my bride, that’s versatility!”
  • The OR Yukon Cap ($38.00). “Give me an axe, a pile of wood, and this cap and I’ll be happy for hours. This is the perfect cap for eating chili, sledding, snowman manufacturing, and cold-weather planking. I do great things in plaid!”
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HippyTree is Here. Nature is Coming.

The HippyTree Booth

The best part of our “job” at Landsharks is scouring the isles at various national tradeshows looking for the “next big thing”. Occasionally it is a game-changer like Keen, Crocs, or Vibram FiveFingers, but often times it is small operation that perhaps no one in the Midwest has seen or heard of. We like to brag when we find a genuine diamond in the rough, and have developed a knack for it over our 23 years. So….let me introduce this year’s find – HippyTree!

The Meadow Jacket was made for fall in Michigan. The quilted nylon is extremely durable, has a high warmth to weight ratio, and features a super soft corduroy collar. $88.00

After a frustrating day and half of scouring thousands of booths at Salt Lake City’s famed Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow, I stumbled upon a tiny booth filled with t-shirts, jackets, shorts, and pants that had an edgy vibe. The guys in the booth were much hipper than me, so I figured I’d take a closer look. My initial thought was, “if Poler and Prana had a baby, this would be the result.” I spent 5 minutes pawing through the samples with founder (artist, climber, surfer, and surf photographer) Andrew Sarnecki and decided HippyTree’s first retailer in Michigan would be Landsharks!

Now, as the grey in my beard might suggest, I am no spring chicken anymore. When I returned home from Salt Lake, I left the HippyTree catalog on the counter to gauge the reaction of the younger, better-looking, more in-touch demographic. Within 5 minutes of spotting the workbook, hipsters E$ and James Broe (don’t deny that you are hipsters – when you read this) approached me and begged, “yo, d-lok…. are we gonna get that HippyTree stuff in?”

The Ridge Flannel: wear it chopping wood in the morning and to the My Morning Jacket concert at night. Comfy, comfortable, with chest pockets big enough to stash your Field Notes. $80.00

This is what you’ll love about HippyTree:

  • The company started in the Hermosa Beach bedroom of a 21-year-old surfer/climber/ photographer/graffiti artist who was frustrated that his surf publications would not publish his photos. As an artist/designer he tried his hand at designing products and graphics that expressed his passion for surfing and climbing
  • HippyTree products are well-made with a unique style that you will not find in core outdoor brands. Each item has “surprise” details that you’ll find over the course of owning the item.
  • Consistent with the other brands we represent – HippyTree is committed to softening its environmental impact by using recycled, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials in its products.
  • HippyTree is an independent company and has not sold-out to VF Outdoor as many of its competitors have.
  • Andrew Sarnecki is a f*cking awesome designer. His graphics are clever and fresh. Andrew’s skills are showcased every year in the HippyTree catalog.
  • Our Fall HippyTree collection nearly sold-out within the first week. Every demographic from teens to guys in their 60s have snatched up the Tree at the Shark!

This is your new favortie pant – the Field Pant. The perfect blend of performance and sophistication. You can wear these to a wedding – the 3% spandex allows you the range of motion to scale the wall of the reception venue after a few too many PBRs. $68.00

The best compliment we hear at Landsharks is, “this is my favorite” store. Recently, we’ve begun to ask customers “why” when they praise us. Some like our staff & service, but overwhelmingly our guests like the mix of fashion and outdoor items that live within our walls. HippyTree is the perfect compliment to what we’ve always done – it is well-made, it is unique, and it is inspired by a passion for the outdoors.

We hope you love HippyTree as much as we do!

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The Honey Badger Award

There are certain things about my job at Landshark’s that make me want to drop out of school, move into one of the lofts upstairs, and work at the store forever. The Honey Badger Award is one of those things. I’ll tell you all about it in a minute, but first take a moment to enjoy the viral video that inspired this awesome award (it’s a bit explicit… consider yourself warned!).

Alright. So the honey badger has no fear. It really doesn’t give a sh*t what it has to do. It runs all over the place. It gets the job done, no matter what! The head hanchos here at Landshark’s want their employees to work like that, so they created the Honey Badger Award. Here’s how it works.

The Honey Badger Ballot Box

An employee may be nominated Honey Badger of the Month for:

  • demonstrating outstanding problem-solving skills
  • going out of his/her way to help a customer
  • being complimented by a customer for doing a great job
  • coming up with a creative way to improve the store

Once all the ballots have been cast, the entire staff takes a vote. Then, our newly-elected Honey Badger and a coworker of his/her choice gets to go out for dinner and drinks at any restaurant in the Saugatuck/Douglas area, courtesy of the Shark! There’s only one catch: while they dine, they must come up with one idea to improve the shopping and working experience at Landshark’s. 

Who’s a Honey Badger?

Melissa Fox was dubbed our first Honey Badger in March. She was nominated twice; once for for acting fast to solve an emergency plumbing problem (yuck!), and once for being complimented on her stellar customer service skills 6 times in 5 days (damn, girl!).

Evan Knudsen became April’s Honey Badger for securing the future of Landshark’s. He thought he smelled smoke, and sure enough… he discovered an overheated appliance in the basement and essentially saved the store from burning down!!!

Presenting June’s Honey Badger: The ProBar Princess! The Queen of Crunch!

In March, Sierra Rodriguez earned the title of Honey Badger by taking the initiative to restock the entire store.Without her efforts, customers like you might have missed out on many of the awesome shirts, pants, dresses, and shoes that we offer here at the Shark!

Summer Hoffman was June’s Honey Badger. She won the award for realizing there were dozens of delicious ProBars just sitting in the basement, waiting to be sold. Several Shark Shoppers have left the store with a satisfying snack thanks to her hard work.

Choosing the coworker for whom I am going to vote is never easy. I’m surrounded by honey badgers here at Landshark’s, and I love it! Our clothes, shoes, and accessories are all incredible, but it’s really the Rockstar Staff that makes the Shark such a great store. If you haven’t stopped by lately, you should come in and say hey. There are a dozen crazy a** honey badgers here,  just itching to help you out! 

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