Meet the Sharks

You can’t teach personality. We hire nice people, not salespeople. Our staff does not work on commission. We are helpful, not pushy. And guess what? We know our stuff!

Since our motto is “Outfitters for Active People” we hire active people. We aren’t mountain climbers, marathon runners or professional surfers. We run. We travel. We play. We paddle. We party. We try to do the right thing.

Sally Troutman: Founder, Owner, Runner

Sally at the Base of Torres Del Paine.

Sally built Landsharks from scratch in 1989. A nordic skier, Sally dislocated her shoulder skiing at the Saugatuck Dunes State Park 10 years ago. It gives her Patagonia style street cred.

 Sally grew up in Holland, Michigan and studied Biology and Medical Communications in college, how she ended up an entrepreneur we’ll never know. She ran her first 5k at the age of 50 and won. She went on to win or place 2nd in the Mount Baldhead Challenge 3 consecutive years. She also placed in the top 3 for her age group in several regional events in the early 2000s.

 Celesta (that’s her real name) started travelling to Costa Rica 15 years ago, before the masses. She’s rafted the Pacuare river, hitchhiked, and studied Spanish in Central America. She’s also travelled in South America to hike Machu Picchu, the Torres Del Paine region, Patagonia, and Southern Chile. She gets outside to hike, bike, run, paddle or ski about 355 days a year.

Kenny T: Owner, Carpenter, Paddler, Landlord, Counselor

KT in Machu Picchu.

A native of Saugatuck (and former SHS track star) Ken Troutman was with Sally when she was doing all that fancy stuff I was just bragging about. He spends many days in the Ottawa Marsh area of the Kalamazoo River in his kayak. If he’s not on the mighty Kalamazoo you might find him on the Rabbit River with chainsaw clearing a section for other paddlers. That’s how he rolls.

 After purchasing the historic Heath building (which Landsharks calls home) he renovated nearly every square inch of the joint. His efforts earned him a Historic Preservation Award in 2005. The dude has talent. When you are handing over your hard-earned money at the counter, be advised that it was designed and built by Ken. He also built all of the tables in the shoe room and the pillars around the building. And how ’bout this? Every fixture in our store was built with recycled wood!

When “KT” isn’t making magic with a saw and piece of wood, he is making the tenants of the building happy. He listens, advises, and solve problems.

David Lokker: Owner, Traveller, Light Packer

“Da Bossman” in his natural habitat

David has hopped a plane from Mexico to Cuba with buddies and bribed a customs agent not to stamp his passport. He’s lost a wristwatch in the Vltava river in the Czech Republic  after flipping a canoe, and played marbles with some kids on Ihle Grande off the coast of Brazil. Some of his Lox’s favorite days have been spent on the Gauley, Penobscot and Pacuare Rivers.

If you’re a hungry catfish in the Kalamazoo River, you better hope David doesn’t have the day off! The Lokker family (wife Casey and daughters Sylvie and Lily) are regulars at the Oval Beach in the summer and the Saugatuck Dunes State Park in the fall.

Melissa Fox: Advocate, Retail Maven, Lamb Lover

Melissa in the Valley of Fire, Nevada.

Melissa brings an unrivaled wealth of retail knowledge to Landsharks. She started her career at age 16, where she made an immediate impression at Steketee’s by painting the fingernails of all the female mannequins. While the manager didn’t respect her creativity, we respect her pizzazz! Melissa has served professional roles in every facet of business: owning her own Paint it Yourself Pottery Store, buying & managing for women’s boutiques, marketing for Providence Farms (a grass-fed meat farm), helping establish a local organic market, and working as an innkeeper at a Bed and Breakfast.

If you think all of her professional experience has gone to her head, you’re wrong. Melissa is an Oval Beach bum and an environmental steward. She volunteers her time to help maintain the Saugatuck Dunes State Park and is a proud supporter of the Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance.

Charissa Hasper – A lovely ball of energy.

Charissa in character…we’re pretty sure she has broken many legs at this point!

While Charissa is a self-proclaimed “boring person,” her fellow Sharks beg to differ. A character and a half, Ms. Hasper is about as outgoing and adventurous as anyone would hope to be. Her bubbly and charismatic persona gleams perpetually, and nobody would ever think she is just seventeen-years-old! If you haven’t assumed at this point, Charissa finds herself on stage quite often; she is a violinist, singer, and actor…the Holy Trinity of the arts.

But Hasper the Friendly Shark isn’t confined to just performing art centers…she rocks all sorts of extra-curriculars! When she’s not playing violin or hiking, Charissa likes to hit the courts (both tennis and basketball), go rock climbing, and explore an array of hobbies.

This is Charissa’s first summer at Landsharks, but we’re thrilled to have snatched her at such a young age – we hope to have her as our own for years to come!

3 Responses to Meet the Sharks

  1. H-dog says:

    You cats should really have a retiree ‘hall of fame’ for all those Landsharks legends that used to work the ole cash register and that ridiculous receipt system.

    But till then, this list of current workers will do, nice work kids!

    Watch out last year,

  2. Like how the bios say what you do and then what you really do. Chicken farmer, LMAO…

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