All About Landsharks

A Saugatuck Classic

Since 1989

We want to be your favorite shop and we want you to love Saugatuck. At Landsharks we’re dedicated to being friendly and helpful. Whether you’re looking for a pair of hiking shoes, a dress for a cocktail party, or a local restaurant recommendation – our mission is to provide the best retail experience in West Michigan.

Who We Are

We’re a team of nice people, not salespeople. We are helpful, not pushy. Our motto is “Outfitters for Active People” so we hire active, friendly, outgoing people. Our shop is full of energy and positivity.

We are committed to growing our employees. Some of our youngest employees handle accounting and purchasing tasks. We take input from our entire team regrading the products we represent. Our culture allows us to recruit the best talent in West Michigan – it’s not uncommon for us to have sibling, cousins, or mother-daughter combinations on the sales floor at the same time. If our team is recruiting their friends and family, we’ve provided a great environment!

What We Represent

From our first day of business we’ve carried Patagonia. We admire their passion of the outdoors and commitment to using business to protect the environment. We love supporting tine, family-owned, Michigan based brands because that’s who we are! We currently have more than 20 Michigan brands on our sales floor!

We ask the following 5 questions before we bring an item into our shop:
  1. Would we use or wear the product?
  2. Is this an authentic item or has it been inspired by another company?
  3. Is the company local? Charitable? Environmentally conscious?
  4. Have our customers mentioned or requested the brand?
  5. Does our team love this product or the mission of the company?

Commitment to the Community:

Landsharks contributes to over 100 local non-profits annually. We sponsor events for local schools, environmental organizations, as well as art and cultural events. Our team is full of volunteers for the humane society, elementary school, and local churches. We buy locally whenever possible – and are honored to be a part of the thriving West Michigan economy!

Like What You See?

Landsharks is always looking for gifted, happy and energetic employees to join our crew. If you have a taste for the outdoors, or Saugatuck in general, drop us a line and we’ll have you in for a chat.