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Imagine you’re going for a swim in Lake Michigan. You wade out until you can barely keep your chin above the waves, take a deep breath, and dive underwater. Everything is cool, calm, quiet, and peaceful until… THUNK! You flail … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Landshark’s?

We are outfitters for active people. It says so on the sign outside our front door.  This means we know that you – our customers – like to get down and dirty. You go on adventures. You climb mountains. You wander … Continue reading

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Sharks Shop Local

As you may have noticed, Landsharks is BIG on the buy local movement. We love to stand on our soapbox, using facebook and twitter to urge you to keep your cash in the community. Thanks to local first, there are … Continue reading

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Landsharks is NOT your friend!

It’s over. We are no longer friends. It’s not that we don’t love you anymore, it’s just better this way. Okay, enough creepiness. Here’s the deal – Facebook considers it a violation of terms to treat a business as an … Continue reading

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Fearless and Well-Dressed Sharks

Heading into the holiday season we’d love to share some of our favorite things at Landshark’s. Now, we may not  have the celebrity star power of Oprah, but we are positive the peeps on your “Nice” list will appreciate these great … Continue reading

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HippyTree is Here. Nature is Coming.

The best part of our “job” at Landsharks is scouring the isles at various national tradeshows looking for the “next big thing”. Occasionally it is a game-changer like Keen, Crocs, or Vibram FiveFingers, but often times it is small operation that perhaps no one in … Continue reading

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Spring Break + Shark Shopping = Happiness!

Paris. London. Maui. New Zealand. Cabo. These are the destinations our customers have been mentioning lately while loading up on fantastic goodies at the Shark. Geez…..whatever happened to Florida and South Carolina? I’m happy to say that I’ll be among the minions doing the … Continue reading

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8 Venues. 4 Days. 7 Questions.

Customers, of which we have the best in the world, often ask us where we purchase our inventory. The answer often surprises them; Salt lake City, Livonia, Chicago, Lansing, Las Vegas, Rockford, Grand Rapids, and occasionally at home in Saugatuck. We spend many moons … Continue reading

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Head to Toe – Three All-Time Greats

The next time my lovely bride attempts to hijack my 1996 Patagonia Retro X Jacket on her way to the Goodwill Drop Box there will be bloodshed. I love them both, but the jacket has been with me since 96, and my … Continue reading

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An Ode to Horny Toad!

 Every company has a culture. As a retailer that has relationships with thousands of unique businesses, Horny Toad stands out as the company with a culture most similar to ours.  The talented souls at Landsharks and Horny Toad share the following … Continue reading

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